Second Coming #1 By Russell, Pace And Kirk Rushed Back For A Second Printing

by Olly MacNamee

Normally, we’re letting you know about Image books that go back for a second printing but this time round it’s Ahoy Comics who have a bonfire hit on ether hands with Mark Russell, Richard Pace and Leonard Kirk’s Second Coming #1. And, it feels like some sort of victory for this controversial comic, what with the fuss kicked up by Fox News who, as we know, are the TV equivalent of the Westboro Baptist Church at times. Here’s Mark on his delight over this news:

It’s been extremely gratifying to hear the response from fans who finally have had the chance to read Second Coming for themselves. When the controversy broke on the Fox News website and the petition was created to stop its publication, we heard from all the outraged people who hadn’t even read the comic. The comic was called blasphemous, inappropriate and irresponsible, so the positive reception this week has been wonderful because I feel like we’re all finally being heard.

To be fair, this sellout took Ahoy by surprise, as Publisher Hart Seely admits:

As a publisher, I’ve never been prouder to be associated with a book. From Mark’s vision and script, to Richard and Leonard’s stunning artwork, to Andy’s colors, to Rob Steen’s lettering, to Amanda’s iconic covers, the Second Coming is a joy to behold. I look forward to the conversation continuing throughout the summer

Congratulations to all involved and for Ahoy Comics taking up this book after it exiting DC Comics.

For more on Second Coming #1, you can read our review here, and our interview with the main man, Mark Russell, here.

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