The Dark Knight’s Darkest Hour? Preview Batman #75 From King, Daniels And DC Comics

by Olly MacNamee

This is it! The final story arc in the meticulously crafted saga of Batman that Tom King and partners have been telling for the past 74 issues of Batman. And, its a warm welcome from me to see Tony Daniels back on art duty. An artist who, for me, is one of the quintessential Batman artists of this generation.

Judging from the preview, Bane has finally got what he wants. A broken Batman and rule over Gotham City where he has installed some of Batman’s most fearful foes as the law in this lawless city. Well, you know what they say; it’s always darkest before the dawn. here’s hoping Bruce survives that long. I don’t think the Dark Knight’s ever been this dark.

“City of Bane” begins! Bane’s minions have moved into Gotham City, taken control and are ruling with an iron fist—including rounding up any villain who refuses to sign onto Bane’s program—and Batman is nowhere to be found. At least not the Batman anyone knows. It’s like someone has replaced the real Gotham City with a twisted funhouse-mirror version of it.


Batman #75 is out this week from DC Comics.

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