Preview ComiXology Original’s Adora And The Distance: A Deeply Personal Fantasy Epic

by Tony Thornley

Relating to a child with a disability can often be difficult for an able bodied or neurotypical parent. However, ComiXology’s upcoming original graphic novel Adora and the Distance aims to do just that from a different point of view.

Coming this winter via ComiXology’s ComiXology Originals line, Adora and the Distance comes from writer Marc Bernardin, artist Ariela Kristantina, colorist Jessica Kholinne, letterer Bernardo Brice, and is edited by Will Dennis. The story is a chronicle of the adventures of a brave young girl named Adora who lives in a world full of underground pirates, ghosts and a mysterious force called the Distance, which threatens to destroy it all. The story is inspired by Bernadin’s experiences with his own daughter, who was diagnosed with autism at age four.

“There are millions of parents of kids on the autism spectrum and there are millions of children with siblings on the spectrum,” said Bernardin. “This isn’t a book about how hard it is to be a parent or a sibling, it’s one that imagines the unknowable: What’s going on inside the mind of a loved one who has never been able to tell us?”

An Adora enamel pin available this weekend at ComiXology’s SDCC booth

Speaking from my own experiences, it’s a question that you often ask yourself. My oldest son was diagnosed with autism at three years old. As a parent, I find myself not just wondering what I can do to help him, but what it’s like to live in his world. It’s that kind of thought that Bernadin has put into the story.

“Being a parent of any child, autistic or not, is not about you,” said Bernardin. “It’s about them. We‘re just the supporting characters in their stories. Hopefully, we’re there not to hinder them, as we all too often fear, but to help them on their quest.”

Kristantina herself is excited to be working on her first young adult story, especially one so personal for Bernadin.

“This book is the culmination of a parent’s love for their children,” she said. “It’s deeply personal, but universal and deeply moving. I’m honored that Marc trusts me to visualize this story.”

The backing card for the Adora enamel pin

“What immediately hooked me about this series was Marc’s story and I was floored at how it was both an exciting YA adventure and a touching love letter to his daughter for whom the series is inspired by and dedicated to,” said Chip Mosher, ComiXology’s Head of Content. “Marc’s story paired with Ariela’s stunning art effortlessly builds a vast world that feels both familiar and beautifully new. Adora is simply amazing and I can’t wait for everyone to read this tale later this year!”

I know I’m excited to check the story out, and share it with my family. Adora and the Distance will be available later this year on ComiXology and Kindle, and at no extra cost for Prime Reading , Kindle Unlimited and ComiXology Unlimited subscribers. There will also be an exclusive full color print edition available.

Meanwhile, check out a preview of the graphic novel below!

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