Wailing Blade #2 Changes The Game With An Awesome Twist

by James Ferguson

Can anything stop the massive power of the Headtaker and his equally massive Wailing Blade? Tychon and his clan of Windcleavers must put everything on the line if they hope to stop this monster before he can take the head of Auros. They’re going to need one crazy scheme to pull this off.

Wailing Blade burst onto the scene with a frightening and intimidating central character in the Headtaker. With its sophomore issue, the focus shifts to Tychon to further establish this world and all its intricacies. It was understood that there’s an oppressive regime at work, but this issue really drives home some details as to how heinous the tyrant in charge really is.
A perfect example of this comes in the cruel and unusual punishment dealt out by Lord Nierus. He has Auros held down while he places a special helmet on the poor man’s head…that’s full of wasps. A shiver ran up my spine just writing that sentence. I don’t care how big or bad you are, you’re still going to flail around like a lunatic if a wasp even comes near you so imagine the pure, unbridled terror that will course through your veins if a bunch of them are crawling all over your face. Excuse me for a minute, I have to go throw up.

OK. I’m back. Artist Joe Mulvey has outdone himself with Wailing Blade #2. It’s been pretty awesome to see him grow as an artist over the years with books like Oxymoron and Mummy’s Always Right. Wailing Blade is Mulvey at his best with some of the most expressive and impressive artwork around. This is particularly true for the fight scenes that are packed to the rim with blood and gore. They don’t call the guy the Headtaker for nothing.
Mulvey comes in close to focus in on key elements of the battle, building the tension up before pulling back to show a gorgeous full page spread that delivers a powerful moment. This is high quality cinematic storytelling.

Colorist Chris Sotomayor complements Mulvey’s pencils very well. He fleshes out the lush world around these characters, driving home their unnatural surroundings with things like purple trees and pink landscapes. This land feels vibrant and full of life. This makes some of the gorier scenes stand out as the blood splatters across the page in bright red buckets.
There’s a nice twist in Wailing Blade #2 that really raises the stakes for the story. It’s fascinating to see how the characters react to this, realizing that they’ll have to do things they’re not comfortable with if it means saving one of their own. Letterer Taylor Esposito guides us through some of these terse exchanges with care, however what really stands out are the smaller bits of dialogue. Sometimes a single word can carry so much weight, both in its tone and placement.

Wailing Blade is the next great fantasy epic. It’s packed with compelling characters, amazing visuals, and a vast mythos that I can’t wait to explore further. Writer Rich Douek has completely immersed us in this land and all the awesome elements within.
Wailing Blade #2 from ComixTribe is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology.

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