Venom 2 To Choose Between Three Potential Directors

by Erik Amaya

Venom and Eddie Brock have a mighty decision to make.
Variety reports directors Andy Serkis, Travis Knight and Rupert Wyatt are all in the running to take Ruben Fleischer’s place as director of the Venom sequel we can only assume will be called Venom: Maximum Carnage. Fleischer’s commitments to Zombieland: Double Tap will prevent him from being available for the fall production start Sony hopes to hit.
Kelly Marcel’s script for the sequel will see Tom Hardy return as Venom and Eddie, with Woody Harrelson presumably making his full debut as Cletus Kasady/Carnage. Of course, Fleischer’s departure may see Kasady recast or saved for a potential third film with Fleischer back at the helm.
Serkis directed the Jungle Book which ended up on Netflix while Knight directed last winter’s surprise charmer Bumblebee. Wyatt is perhaps best known for Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Considering the cheesy, anarchic charm of the first Venom, we think Knight may actually be the best fit — provided Sony is willing to embrace that tone as a component in Venom‘s success.
Of course, nothing’s confirmed and Sony may end up waiting for Fleischer to take the helm. In the meantime, we can speculate what the sequel would look like under the direction of these three other filmmakers.

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