Former Flash Directors Jonathan Goldstein & John Francis Daley Looking To Direct Their Own Dungeons & Dragons Campaign

by Erik Amaya

Former Flash film directors Jonathan Goldstein & John Francis Daley may be sitting down for a long game of Dungeons & Dragons.

Deadline reports the directors, who both helmed Warner Bros’ Game Night before developing The Flash for a long while, are in discussions to direct a long-in-development film based on the tabletop RPG. Created by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson in 1974, the fantasy game pits players against creatures of myth and their own worst instincts. Its infamy led to the game being accused of promoting witchcraft in the 1980s, but its rep is much better now. Despite the bad press, the game spawned a television series and a line of toys during the decade when just about anything could become a toyline. Hasbro eventually bought the game and then-publisher Wizards of the Coast in 1999.

It is unclear if the film, to be produced at Paramount under Hasbro’s AllSpark Pictures production company, will adapt any established D&D fiction or build off of a campaign Goldstein and Daley will no doubt run with a screenwriter, but a previous draft was said to use elements from the first Dragonlance novel, Dragons of Autumn Twilight, which was itself previously adapted into a 2008 animated film. It was not well received.

Paramount does not yet have the film on its schedule, but if you’ve ever tried to get a game going yourself, you already know it may be a long wait.

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