Sony’s PlayStation 4 Hits 100 Million Consoles Shipped

by Sage Ashford

Sony Interactive Entertainment has released their financial results for the latest three months ending in June 30th (Sony’s fiscal Q1) and have confirmed the PlayStation 4 has shipped 100 million units. This comes after Sony shipped 3.2 million units for the quarter, remaining consistent with the amount of consoles shipped during last year’s Q1 for them.

It’s also noted that Sony currently has 36.2 million PlayStation Plus subscribers, which is slightly down from 36.4 million during Q4, but up from Q1 last year by 2.3 million.  With these numbers, Sony has also altered its forecast for the year from 16 million to 15 million.

Of course, sold-in is not sold-through, and the company confirms that as of December 2018 they’ve sold 91.6 million PS4s.

With this announcement, three of Sony’s four home consoles have reached 100 million, and the PlayStation 4 is the fastest console to hit 100 million sold at five years and seven months.  Still, this is a long ways off from the last console to set that record, the PS2, which has 155 million consoles sold.   Though there’s still another sixteen months until the PlayStation 5 launches, it remains to be seen if the PlayStation 4 can knock the king off of its throne.

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