Batman Hush Movie Reviewed

by Tito W. James

I’ll just start off by saying that Batman: Hush was my first introduction to Batman in the comics. I love that story, I know it by heart, so keep in mind that this review contains my personal bias.

Adapting Hush is no easy feat considering that the mystery of Hush’s identity can’t be kept secret for a story that’s been around for over a decade. Hush served as the comic that sparked interest in the return of Jason Todd. But Jason’s story has already been told quite beautifully in Batman: Under The Red Hood. As one of DC’s last direct-to-video animated films, does it go out with a bang or a whisper?


Even when it takes scenes directly from the source material, the film’s plot and characterization come across as wooden. The most fun thing about the Hush comic was pitting Batman against his greatest enemies who are under the command of a shadowy new antagonist. Every chapter was just an excuse to have Jim Lee draw a fantastic Bat-Villain in his style.

The film however, seems to be going through the motions as Batman is bogged down by the clichés of his own source material. We’ve seen many similar scenes from various pieces of Bat-media and it comes across as stale an unoriginal.


Hush’s performance is spot on. Even as a fan of the character for so many years, I was still surprised by his unmasking. The final battle between Batman and Hush is tons of fun and made me glad to see the film despite its lackluster beginning.


As a film, Batman: Hush is a bit of a dud. There are too many other Batman stories that are darker, funnier, or weirder to make this film a worthwhile watch. If you’re a diehard fan of the comic like I am, you might as well wait until it’s playing on TV and tune in for the ending. Still, the original comic isn’t going anywhere and that’s a story worth making some noise about.

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