Exclusive Preview – Classic British Superhero The Vigilant Returns In Vigilant: Legacy

by Richard Bruton

Back in 2018, Rebellion and the Treasury of British Comics brought out The Vigilant, a one-shot special featuring classic British superheroes from the 60s and 70s, including Dr Sin, Adam Eterno, Steel Commando, Thunderbolt and The Leopard From Lime Street.
Now those heroes are back in The Vigilant: Legacy. And Comicon is proud to present an exclusive first-look preview.
This time round, it’s not a Vigilant Special though, it’s issue 2, bringing us the possibility that we’ll be seeing this particular superteam of wonderful Brit weirdo heroes more regularly in the future of what’s been called the Rebellion-verse. And it’s going to be just as strange and wonderful as you might expect as Dr Sin and the rest wait for Dr. Mesmer and Von Hoffman to return with another diabolical scheme.
The Vigilant: Legacy is released August 21 in the UK and on the 2000AD webstore. Readers is the US will be able to get hold of The Vigilant sometime in September – tell your local comic shop to order it!

So, it’s time to return to the wonders of The Vigilant, as heroes unite once more. Inside you’ll find four features; all starting off with a prologue by Simon Furman with art from Will Sliney, where we see the valiant sacrifice of a previous Vigilant and some very familiar names…

Following that, we join the modern-day Vigilant in Legacy – written by Simon Furman, art by Simon Coleby, colors by Len O’Grady, letters by Simon Bowland.
They’re having to face up to a threat that was first unleashed two decades ago and took down that previous Vigilant…

Finally, we get a set of fact-files and a short Doctor Sin strip; Doctor Sin: Tribunal – art by Jake Lynch, colors by John Charles, letters by Oz

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