Star Wars: Age Of Resistance – Poe Dameron Changes Our Hero’s Past In A Big Way

by Tony Thornley

Poe Dameron has long been defined by his relationships with authority figures- General Leia, General Hux, Admiral Holdo. However, what happens when one of those relationships is recontextualized and how does it change things for everyone’s favorite X-Wing pilot?

Cover by Phil Noto

Tom Taylor, Ramon Rosanas, Guru-eFX, and Travis Lanham spin a tale of Poe’s past, with one hell of a twist.


Years ago, before the Resistance, Poe is the commander of the Rapier Squadron, one of the New Republic’s best group of pilots in an era that isn’t seeing much action. However, a daring theft thrusts them into pursuit of the thieves’ ship. However a headstrong choice puts Poe in danger, and entirely at the mercy of his target…

Taylor has long shown that he has an excellent grasp of character, and uses that as a foundation for his stories. It’s a fascinating challenge when the protagonist is trapped in his cockpit with only another (unknown) voice to guide him through the danger he’s put himself in. He makes it both a fascinating internal and external conflict though, both for Poe to put his ego aside, as well as his mission, to work with his target with his life on the line.

The story takes on an even deeper meaning though when we learn on the last page that his target is none other than future Admiral Amilyn Holdo. It’s a twist that could have been entirely shock value, but it prompts a second read immediately, and reframes the duo’s later conflict (and Holdo’s eventual sacrifice) as entirely more tragic. If only they had each known that they had trusted one another all those years ago, maybe Poe would have trusted Holdo more during the events of The Last Jedi, and maybe the body count would have been much lower. It’s tragic, ironic, and wonderful all at once.

Rosanas has transformed himself into a rising star in the last few years. Though his figures are a bit stiff at times, he’s able to fill his characters with a lot of personality. He also is able to nail Oscar Issac and Laura Dern’s likeness without feeling over-referenced. The best thing he does though is one of the most difficult for a Star Wars artist- the ship-to-ship action. He’s able to translate Poe’s difficult path through this nebula in a way that’s tense, and exciting, without just feeling entirely just like static images on a page.

This might be the highlight of this miniseries so far, adding to Star Wars mythology and our understanding of these characters along with it.

Star Wars: Age of Resistance – Poe Dameron is available now from Marvel Comics.

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