A Devil In The West: Death-Defying Devil #2 Reviewed

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]

The Devil sits down for coffee and cake with Louise Thomas, the former movie star. She remembers the days of the mystery men and the superpowers, and she takes quite a liking to the Death-Defying Devil. He offers to protect her on a trip to the grocery store, and she agrees. Upon getting there, Mr. Donovan’s thugs attack Miss Thomas and the Devil. The Devil fights back, but the fight immediately takes a strange and westward turn.

Death-Defying Devil #2 cover by Inhyuk Lee
Death-Defying Devil #2 cover by Inhyuk Lee

Death-Defying Devil #2 has a lot of charm from the get-go as this mostly silent defender spends time with the old former actress, Louise Thomas. It gives the book a sweet scene to open upon. 

It doesn’t take long for the action to kick off, and that keeps the book exciting. That said, things get confusing here.

This leads the reader to question either how sane the Devil is and what exactly he’s fighting against in Mr. Donovan. At the risk of spoiling some of the story, the fight is suddenly taking place on the set of an old Western film. The fight has very specific rules as a consequence. I won’t go further, but the ending only complicates matters further.

That said, this comic is thoroughly charming. Louisa Thomas is a likable character, and her interactions with the Devil are downright cute.

Death-Defying Devil #2 art by Walter Geovani, Adriano Augusto, and letterer Simon Bowland
Death-Defying Devil #2 art by Walter Geovani, Adriano Augusto, and letterer Simon Bowland

Walter Geovani’s artwork makes all this work really well. His style mixes classic and modern comic art styles to create visuals that marry where the Devil once was and where he is now. Plus, it really sells the scenes on the Western movie set. Adriano Augusto’s color work gives the book a lively color palette that gives the book more life.

Death-Defying Devil #2 is another fun and action-filled issue that oozes with charm and fun. The story takes a strange and confusing turn when things suddenly turn into an Old West film set, but I suspect things will be explained in the issues to come. In any case, this one is worth a recommendation. Feel free to pick it up.

Death-Defying Devil #2 comes to us from writer Gail Simone, artist Walter Geovani, color artist Adriano Augusto, letterer Simon Bowland, cover artist Inhyuk Lee, and variant cover artists Lucio Parrillo and Riccardo Federici.

Final Score: 7.5/10

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