JV Passes The Torch In Redneck #23

by Brendan M. Allen

JV is prepared to do the unthinkable to save his family. The only question is, will he live long enough to do it?

Can we take just a minute to point out how ridiculously awesome JV is as a father? Remember way back in chapter 16 when Greg came out to his dad? And how supportive the old man was? Now, in Redneck #23, JV’s only surviving son is about to end the world. The Bowman paterfamilias doesn’t try to talk his kid out of the biggest mistake of his life. He basically tells Seamus if he’s gonna do this thing, he’d better do it right, and charges him with the actual magical weapon he’ll need to pull the thing off.

Donny Cates always has an interesting swerve or two in store for his Neck-Heads. This chapter does a fine job setting up the next big pop. You know, that whole end of the world thing. In the midst of the chaos, Cates still delivers some very tender moments between father and son, husband and wife (that one was a little one-sided), and siblings.

The artwork in chapter 23 has taken yet another turn. This installment is light on the gore, as in, there’s none, but there are still some really cool pieces to look at. Lisandro Estherren’s loose linework and Dee Cunniffe’s moody palette help to crank up the tension as all hell is set to break loose in the coming chapters. 
I do have one small issue with that holy wrench. The metal is consecrated, and therefore can’t be touched by vampires. There’s no way to hold or fire that gun without touching metal. The lower frame, trigger, trigger guard, hammer, stock screw… all parts that touch the shooter’s hand, and it’s all that beautiful patterned iron… that none of these cats should be able to touch. It’s nitpicky. I know. It’s also the first thing I’ve gigged the art team on in 23 issues.

Perry is still my favorite. Way back when Redneck debuted, you might have looked at this kid and thought she was the weak link. Innocent kid, kind of just hanging around and letting the grown folk do all the heavy lifting. As the story unfolds, it becomes increasingly evident that Perry is the key to all of it. If anyone makes it through the next couple chapters alive, it’ll be because that kid loves them.

Redneck #23, Image Comics/Skybound Entertainment, released 04 September 2019. Written by Donny Cates, art by Lisandro Estherren, color by Dee Cunniffe, letters by Joe Sabino, edited by Jon Moisan, cover by Lisandro Estherren and Dee Cunniffe, logo/production design by Andres Juarez, production by Carina Taylor.

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