Titan To Reprint The First Two Years Of Dan Dare Pilot Of The Future For The First Time Ever

by Olly MacNamee

British comics have had their share of iconic characters and one of the most iconic has to be Dan Dare, who original appeared in The Eagle back in the 50’s. And now, thanks to the good folk at Titan Comics, his very first adventures are to be reproduced for the first time ever since their original publication. Collecting the first two years of Dan Dare’s sci-fi adventures from The Eagle comic, it’ll be out Wednesday, the 25th September. Here’s a preview of this hardback collection, titled Dan Dare: The Evil One, a book I’ll be picking up myself.

The classic adventures of Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future, one of science fiction’s most enduring heroes! This latest volume reprints, for the first time ever, the first two years worth of Dan Dare strips written and drawn by David Motton and Keith Watson. Dan Dare and Digby rocket between action-packed adventures as they defend Earth from giant, mind-controlling spiders, an evil genius buried beneath the pleasure beach of Blackpool, an out-of-control fireball, and a race of malevolent flora!

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