Audrey Marie Anderson Makes Her Harbinger Debut In Latest Crisis Photo

by Erik Amaya

Since the moment “Crisis on Infinite Earths” was announced last year, many were left wondering if actor Audrey Marie Anderson — who plays Lyla Michaels on Arrow and The Flash — would appear in the crossover as Harbinger, the superhuman version of Lyla who first appeared in the original Crisis on Infinite Earths maxiseries.
The question was answered early Wednesday as posted a first look photo of Anderson as the Crisis Harbinger.

The costume shares a number of features with George Perez’s original design even as it covers up a lot of skin and omits Harbinger’s helmet — a design we’re still convinced inspired John Diggle’s (David Ramsey) first Spartan helmet. All and all, it looks right for Anderson.
As points out, it is unclear if the Earth-1 Lyla we’ve known since the first season of Arrow will become Harbinger or if another Earth’s Lyla became the Monitor’s assistant. Either could be in play, but we certainly hope the later turns out to be the case as duplicates is a big theme of the TV version of Crisis. Also, we want to see Dig’s reaction to this super-powered version of his wife.
If the TV versions follows events of the original story, Harbinger has a rough time ahead of her, so this could be a great featured spot for Anderson. She’s always been a strong presence as the grounded Lyla and, hopefully, she’ll do great things with the more cosmic version.
“Crisis on Infinite Earths” begins on December 8th.

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