House Of X #6 Takes A Victory Lap

by Tony Thornley

When House of X the X-Men had been hunted into near extinction, and the remnants were prepared for war. Now, three months later, mutantkind has been changed forever, and the threat of extinction no longer loomed over them. And it’s those changes that close out this Marvel series, preparing the future for the Dawn of X…

Jonathan Hickman, Pepe Larraz, Marte Gracia, David Curiel, Clayton Cowles, and Tom Muller bring the House of X to a close, leaving one issue in the event.

Several months ago, in Moira MacTaggert’s “No-Space” we see Charles, Magnus and Moira put their plan in action, as we see Xavier’s full speech hinted at in issue #1. In the present, the X-Men have been restored to life, and the Quiet Council of Krakoa has been formed. All their initial goals accomplished and their first laws established, the Council has one loose end remaining- what to do about Sabretooth…

Not much really happens in this issue but frankly the series deserves to slow down after stunning revelation after revelation, especially for its conclusion. We do get the first hint of what Moira’s been doing since she faked her death, as well as her first (wordless) appearance in the present day. It definitely seems to indicate that we’re going to be learning more about Moira in next week’s Powers of X #6. Larraz, Gracia and Curiel pace out the speech itself perfectly, depicting humanity- both friend and foe to mutantkind- hearing Xavier’s words with the maximum impact through a series of wide panels.

Meanwhile, the Quiet Council scene is fascinating and wonderfully illustrated. We get to see so much of everyone’s personalities, and why they were the characters Hickman chose to kick off this concept with. Mister Sinister is a highlight again, but unexpectedly another favorite emerges in this scene- the mysterious Exodus. In just a few simple panels, Hickman and Larraz have established Benet du Paris as one of the characters to watch in the next several years of stories.

The last few pages of the story though are a literal celebration. Mutantkind is at peace, and literally entering a new era. Without this sequence, the issue may have felt unsatisfying. Here though, we see character interactions that we needed to sell us on the story, reunions between characters long in limbo, and the most meaningful six pack of beer in comics history. It’s silly, joyful, and full of gorgeous art and color by Larraz, Gracia and Curiel.

In the end, this series wasn’t so much a complete story as it was prelude and prologue. It was good, and it was successful at what it set out to do. It may not have been completely satisfying, but it will have to be regarded with the conclusion of Powers of X next week, as well as the Dawn of X titles coming later this month and next. It will be interesting to revisit three months, six months or even a year down the road.

I’m excited to see what happens from here, and X-Men fans have a lot to look forward to.

House of X #6 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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