Star Gets Her Own Series From Marvel This February

by James Ferguson

Announced at the NYCC Retailer Panel, Star, a breakout character from Captain Marvel will be getting her own limited series beginning in February from Marvel Comics. Written by her creator, Kelly Thompson, there is no artist announced just yet.

Writer Kelly Thompson says:

The excitement surrounding Star has been really fun to watch. And there’s still a big surprise coming in Captain Marvel #11 later this month…and it’s the kind of surprise that sort of DEMANDS a mini-series like this to explore the mysteries surrounding her and her importance and potential in the larger Marvel Universe.

Star made her debut in July’s Captain Marvel #8. This new series has her setting out on her own. Reporter Ripley Ryan was caught in Nuclear Man’s apocalyptic schemes and turned into the hero known as Star. In reality, she was Dr. Minerva’s attempt to create a Kree-human Super Soldier. Looking to control her own destiny, she tried and failed to kill Captain Marvel. Ripley was defeated and powerless in the Raft. After something strange happens, she finds herself with more power than ever before and no one is prepared for what that means.

Editor Sarah Brunstad added:

The whole Captain Marvel team loved the character from the beginning, but the fan and retailer response to her has been overwhelming. We’re very grateful and excited to push her even higher in the spotlight. We had such a great time developing her and waiting for her big moment, and I’m ecstatic that Carmen is staying with the character to do the covers for this miniseries.

Star #1 (of 5) will feature a main cover by Carmen Carnero and a variant by Jeehyung Lee.

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