Devil’s Due Comics Delves Into Archeopunk Genre With ArkWorld

by James Ferguson

Last week at AlienCon Dallas, Devil’s Due Comics unveiled ArkWold, a new series of 48-page comics that blend science fiction, fantasy, archaeology, and ancient – possibly alien-influenced – technology into a new genre called “archeopunk.” You can check out a free preview edition at The site is dedicated to this genre as a whole, including the exploration of ancient lost civilizations, Earth’s mysterious megalithic structures, and evidence of worldwide cataclysms.

ArkWorld Volume 1, due out in Spring 2020, is written by Josh Blaylock, illustrated by Travis Hymel, colored by Jasen Smith, and lettered by Micah Myers. It features covers by Kristofer Harris, Jordan Gunderson, Genevieve Broomall, Hoyt Silva, Matt Merhoff, and Larry Watts.

Writer Josh Blaylock says:

The story is set partly in the present, partly in what we know as the paleolithic era, and much, much earlier. It takes the premise that everything we’ve been told about history prior to 5000 BC — that civilization only began 6000 to 7000 years ago — was wrong.

Blaylock will be signing physical copies of the ArkWorld preview comic at Ace Comion, Baltimore Comic-Con, GalaxyCon Louisville, and C2E2.

Artist Travis Hymel added:

Arkworld has been an amazing project to be a part of. It’s been a fantastic experience bringing these characters to life, and taking on the challenge of infusing science into the tech, as well as every background.

ArkWorld Volume 2 will arrive in Winter 2020 and Volume 3 will follow in Spring 2021.

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