Berger Books & Dark Horse To Release Enigma Hardcover Edition

by James Ferguson

Enigma, the series from Peter Milligan and Duncan Fegredo has found a new home with Berger Books and Dark Horse Comics. It was originally published at Vertigo and it will get a deluxe hardcover edition in the Fall of 2020 with a new cover by Fegredo. This new edition will feature tons of never-before-seen development art.

Described as “a visceral, thought-provoking post-modern tale of self discovery and sexual identity,” Enigma is told against the backdrop of outrageous super heroes and villains. It centers on Michael Smith, a man living a life of meaningless routine and boredom. When the strange characters of Enigma, his favorite childhood comic book seem to come to life, he heads out on an increasingly obsessive crusade to uncover the secret behind their improbably existence. Smith joins forces with Enigma’s comic creator and encounters an insanity-inducing psychopath, a brain-eating serial killer, a suicide-inciting Truthsayer, and a teleporting one-time model, just to name a few.

Karen Berger says:

I’m thrilled to be publishing this brilliant seminal work of one of Vertigo’s key launch titles, which was ahead of its time and inspirational to many. Dark Horse is known for publishing beautiful high-quality books, and it’s long overdue for Enigma to be presented in the fashion that it deserves.

Enigma will be released in the Fall of 2020.

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