Dex Searches For Grey On The Next Episode Of Stumptown

by Erik Amaya

We’ve been remiss in not mentioning Stumptown since it premiered — which is a shame as the series is a delightful adaptation of the irregular comic book series by Greg Rucka, Matthew Southworth and Justin Greenwood. Cobie Smulders turned out to be a fine live-action Dex Parios and the changes made to convert the comic into a television show honor its origins as a revival of the TV private eye from the 1970s. It’s also pretty funny. But as it is a modern television show, there are running plots, like Grey’s (Jake Johnson) troubles from prison catching up with him. And as this preview of the next episode indicates, his debt to Cain will lead to a prologue disappearance. Or, at least, one long enough for Hoffman (Michael Ealy) to send Dex in search of the lovable ex-con.

Like the plot of the last couple of weeks, we hope Grey’s problem gets resolved in an episode or two. One of Stumptown‘s early strengths is the shorter-term plotting for the pilot, the second episode, and even the two-part story with the land developer. Hopefully, that will continue and Dex will find a way to save Grey — or deal with his debt — in a timely manner.

Stumptown returns October 30th on ABC.

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