Firefly #10 Gets Ready For The Unification War Part 2

by James Ferguson

The Unification War is about to get a sequel as the Browncoats attack the Unificators on Planet Hera. This all started as a rescue mission and has gotten way out of hand. Clearly both sides have some pent up aggression and they’re more than ready to start the fight again. Although Mal still carries a grudge, he’s not about to watch a bunch of people die again over something like this.

Letterer Jim Campbell shows how Zoe has lost control of the Browncoats in the opening pages. She’s trying to get them to hold their fire and stop the bloodshed, but she’s little more than a disembodied voice on the radio. Her words appear in floating balloons, like a voice from the heavens that falls on deaf ears.

Firefly #10 shines a light on the aggressive nature of humanity. Writer Greg Pak shows us how vengeance and rage can fuel some people, driving them to do horrible things. He also shows us how some people can get over those feelings and actually change. Mal and Boss Moon are great examples of this. They have put aside their differences in order to survive at first, but they saw that they’re both human with families that love them. It’s a lot harder to shoot someone in the face when you’ve had a long conversation with their mother.

The sun is setting throughout Firefly #10. Colorist Joana Lafuente starts the issue in a heated conflict with fires raging and bullets flying, then transitioning to cooler blues as calmer heads start to prevail. It’s a great way to convey tone, giving you an idea of the emotions flying in a given scene.

Artist Dan McDaid, aided by Vincenzo Federici’s inks, captures these emotions in the facial expressions of each character. These range from the knowing and confident Boss Moon to the sly grin of Mal to the conniving look of Jayne. A perfect showcase of this is when Mal and Zoe are reunited. These two have been through Hell together, sharing experiences that few others have. Zoe’s relationship to Mal is unlike any other, even that with her husband. That shows with how they embrace and look at one another. It’s a strong bond, but not a romantic one.

Just when I thought this arc had reached an impressive and monumental climax, it hits with an incredible twist ending. This series continues to fill in the gaps left by the TV show, fleshing out this wide world and all the characters within it. I thought I knew these folks heading into this book. This comic has only deepened my love for them and my investment in their lives.

Firefly #10 from Boom! Studios is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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