Halloween Treats: Your Guide To Halloween Comics This Holiday (Part 4)

by Olly MacNamee

After a very healthy start to the month, it would seem the on laughter of Halloween themed comics have slowed down, like a zombie with one foot stuck in a door. But, there are a few titles out there, with The Art of the Devil Illustrated History from Cernunnos as a particular favourite. Okay, okay, not exactly a comic book, but it makes the list simply for the amount of artwork to be found within its pages. The Devil has all the best tunes? It would seem he’s got the greatest artists too. Check out this week’s rotten releases below.

Dr Herbert West & Astounding Tales of Medical Malpractice GN (Arcana Studio)

Dr. Herbert West, re-animator, legend, genius… and childhood menace. In this spine-tingling tale, young Herbert creates a botched serum which causes the dead to walk the streets in search of johnny cakes. Together with his sister Elizabeth and the dean of Arkham University, they must stop the zombie army before they run out of cakes and start eating the townsfolk!

Betty & Veronica Friends Forever Supernatural #1 (Archie Comics)

Betty and Veronica are your guides in this collection of stories about all things creepy, unearthly and downright spooky!
The Art of the Devil Illustrated History (Cernunnos)
The Art of the Devil is a beautiful book showcasing the past and present portrayal of the Evil One in Western and Eastern art. Here are artistic masterpieces, engravings, ancient documents, books, posters, postcards, tarots, album covers, comics, objects and plenty of oddities related to the world of demons, the occult, and evil. See the devil in works by Francisco Goya, Jackson Pollock, Giotto, Hokusai, Marc Chagall, Keith Haring, Albrecht Du¨rer, James Ensor, Pablo Picasso, Matthias Gru¨newald, Caravaggio, Gustave Dore´, William Blake, Hieronymus Bosch, Paul Cézanne, Salvador Dalí, Max Ernst, Alexander McQueen, Pieter Paul Rubens, Niki de Saint Phalle, Cindy Sherman, Pierre et Gilles, Gary Baseman, and Matt Groening.

Star Wars Adventures: Return to Vader’s Castle #4 (IDW)

This exciting weekly series explores the hidden corners of the Star Wars Galaxy and features a wretched hive of scum and villainy including Darth Maul, Grand Moff Tarkin, Asajj Ventress, Jabba the Hutt-all under the shadow of Darth Vader! Fans will be excited to discover these creepy stories by fan-favorite writer Cavan Scott, with art by the greatest talent from across the galaxy, including Nicoletta Baldari, Nick Brokenshire, Francesco Francavilla, Kelley Jones, Megan Levens, and Charles Paul Wilson III! Covers by Eisner-winning artist Francesco Francavilla! 

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