Saving The Demon With Starcraft: Survivors #4

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]

Deep in the research lab of Spearpoint, a scientist emerges with a weapon which she believes can kill the Dark Templar. However, Caleb can’t let the Templar die, so he shoots the scientist. The Templar is impressed with how loyal Caleb is, and she has him send a message to the Tal’Darim Death Fleet to annihilate Spearpoint. She then sends Caleb to find an escape vessel, and he runs into Ida along the way. He tries to warn her about what lies in the research lab, and she figures out that Caleb is working with it. She’s ready to shoot him, and he almost wants her to do it.

Starcraft: Survivors #4 cover by Gabriel Guzman
Starcraft: Survivors #4 cover by Gabriel Guzman

Starcraft: Survivors #4 closes out this miniseries set in the Starcraft universe. The Dark Templar’s plans have all come together, and Caleb has been a helpful patsy through it all. 

The relationship between the Dark Templar and Caleb has grown in a very interesting manner. Caleb does almost seem to actually care about the Templar at various points in the book while the Templar seems to view Caleb almost as a helpful childlike figure. 

Of course, the ending is still bloody and brutal. Very few could make it out of this alive, and Caleb and the Dark Templar have to resolve whatever their relationship has been. 

I mentioned this in my review of the previous issue, but I will add the caveat once again that I’m no expert on Starcraft or its lore, so I can’t say for certain how well this story fits in with the established canon, though it seems like more of a personal and microscopic tale in the grand scheme of the Starcraft universe.

Starcraft: Survivors #4 art by Gabriel Guzman, Michael Atiyeh, and letterer Steve Dutro
Starcraft: Survivors #4 art by Gabriel Guzman, Michael Atiyeh, and letterer Steve Dutro

Gabriel Guzman’s artwork is absolutely beautiful. He grants ample and vivid detailing to the figures and the background, and the ways in which he takes advantage of shadowing is astounding. Michael Atiyeh backs that up with strong and explosive color work which really brings the comic to life.

Starcraft: Survivors #4 is a compelling ending to this tale of betrayal and destruction. We get to see how the relationship between Caleb and the Dark Templar continues to morph and develop while the former becomes party to greater and greater atrocities. It’s a damn good read and is easily worth a recommendation. Feel free to give it a read.

Starcraft: Survivors #4 comes to us from writer Jody Houser, artist and cover artist Gabriel Guzman, color artist Michael Atiyeh, and letterer Steve Dutro.

Final Score: 9/10

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