The Occupation Hits A Boiling Point On The Next Black Lightning

by Erik Amaya

The situation in Freeland is only going to get worse. And now Black Lightning has positioned each member of the Pierce family in different parts of the struggle. Lynn (Christine Adams) is locked into a pattern of addiction, but continues her work on the Pod Kids and the Greenlight Babies. Anissa (Nafessa Williams) fights for the resistance, even if she is unconvinced of their methods. Jennifer (China Anne McClain) has seemingly been co-opted by Agent O’Dell (Bill Duke) and Jefferson (Cress Williams) cannot act directly per his deal with the ASA. But as this preview for the next episode indicates, the occupation will hit a boiling point. Will it give Jeff a chance to bring his family back together?

Of course, we’re not ruling out the possibility that Jennifer is playing a long game with O’Dell. You would think seeing a student violently removed from her class would make her reassess her position on the ASA’s “defense” of Freeland. Then again, O’Dell is a master manipulator and may have embedded a message in the video he sent her. He did it to Lynn, so why not use the same method on her daughter?
Which, at this point, we have to wonder if the Markovians really are a threat. We really only have O’Dell’s word on that matter even if some Markovians tried to buy the weaponized metas from Tobias (Marvin “Krondon” Jones III) last year. Is it possible most of the information about Markovia we’ve seen so far is just a smoke screen for O’Dell’s real aim in Freeland?
Those questions make Black Lightning a very interesting program this year, but one wonders how long it can sustain this momentum. What will the show look like after the Book of Occupation ends?
Black Lightning returns November 11th on The CW.

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