Oliver Faces The Future On The Next Arrow

by Erik Amaya

Now that Arrow has embraced the crazy cosmic forces of the DC Universe, Oliver (Stephen Amell) might as well meet his grown-up children. And as this preview of next week’s episode demonstrates, he will quickly face the reality of Mia (Katherine McNamara), William (Ben Lewis), and Connor (Joseph David-Jones) from Star City 2040. Why are they in 2019? Did the Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) set this in motion? And will Zoe (Andrea Sixtos) somehow get a reprieve because of these time travel shenanigans?

Meanwhile, this week’s episode made one thing abundantly clear: Arrow needs Thea (Willa Holland). Sure, the show never had a clear story for her, but all those years of indecision built a fascinating character. Also, Holland is just a wonderful TV presence who offers the Arrowverse something unique and dynamic. We would’ve gladly watched a series in which she fought the Thanatos Guild and burned the Lazarus Pits, and we’ll gladly watch a limited series in which she and the other Daughters of the Demon reform the League of Assassins into a League of Heroes. Thankfully, we will see Holland and Thea again before the curtain drops on Arrow, and, hopefully, that means she’ll be part of “Green Arrow and the Canaries” episode.

Also, isn’t interesting that the episode confronted Team Arrow’s prevailing trust issue? Sure, Zoe died despite the other stories proving you can trust your partners to make it back alive, but we expect that awful future will be erased by the end of next week’s show. Granted, it is unclear if Mia, William, and Connor will return to their own future. And considering how disappointing the 2040 story has been this year, that wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Arrow airs Tuesdays on The CW.


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