Robert E. Howard’s Dark Agnes Helms Her First Comic Series In February

by James Ferguson

At the MCM Comic Con London, Marvel Comics announced Robert E. Howard’s Dark Agnes will be getting her first series this February. The five-issue mini-series is written by Becky Cloonan and illustrated by Luca Pizzari. The first issue features a cover by Stephanie Hans. The character will first make her Marvel Comics debut in December in Conan: Serpent War.

Writer Becky Cloonan says:

I wouldn’t be surprised if you told me you’d never heard of Dark Agnes. Well, that’s about to change. Agnes is the unsung anti-hero of Robert E. Howard’s legendary body of work. She’s a swashbuckling, musket wielding, doublet wearing bad ass swordswoman from the early Renaissance. A fierce warrior, a stalwart friend, and a brutal, unrelenting force in a bloody, chaotic world. Agnes is just as relevant today as she was when Howard dreamed her up, and as she is in her own time: the filthy 1500’s. Join us for a tale of mystery, adventure, and revenge!

Dark Agnes centers on Agnes de Chastillon as she frees herself from an arranged marriage to live as a sellsword in 16th century France. She’s joined by Etienne Villers and heads off on daring exploits and all kinds of danger.
Joakim Zetterberg, Executive Vice President at Conan Properties added:

Considering Howard is mostly known for his male protagonists, it’s perhaps surprising to new readers of his works that the original Sword Woman story was written back in the 1930’s as a woman in first person. It shows that Howard’s heroines equal his heroes in being whirlwind adventurers. We’re certain Becky, Luca and the Marvel team will make this series truly kick ass, befitting Agnes herself.

Look for Dark Agnes #1 in February 2020.

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