Buried Secrets, Long Forgotten History & More Await In The Lost City Of Heracleon

by James Ferguson

Two boys embark on an impossible journey through time and space to save the universe in The Lost City of Heracleon, an upcoming original graphic novel from Boom! Studios. Written by Bruce Livingstone and illustrated by Mike Willcox, the comic is set for release in June 2020.

Writer Bruce Livingstone says:

A beautifully hand-illustrated and thrilling story about two best friends who master their fears and enter into an epic adventure. Slipping through dimensions, they battle mythical monsters and seek a parler with ancient Gods who don’t quite measure up to their reputations. In the process they find their courage and their long, lost father.

The Lost City of Heracleon follows Lou and Shiro as they head out on an interdimensional submarine captained by an off-the-hinges old man. Lou’s missing father might still be alive, adding further mystery to this adventure. The two boys are transferred into fully grown warriors heading straight for the battlegrounds of Ancient Egypt, the Lost City, and 1914 Sarajevo. The gods are tinkering with fate and become reckless and apathetic while the boys become part of a legion hell-bent on restoring balance to humanity.
Artist Mike Willcox added:

I had a blast illustrating this book, with my goal to make it as fun and enjoyable to read as possible. It’s over 200 pages of epicness with glimmers of comedy and tragedy, set in an ever-changing backdrop of adventure. Can’t wait for you to make it to the Lost City!

The Lost City of Heracleon will be published under Boom! Studios’ Archaia imprint. It will feature a cover by Willcox.
Matthew Levine, Editor, Boom! Studios says:

For fans of swashbuckling action and epic myths, The Lost City of Heracleon will take you on a journey through time, space, and the limits of human consciousness. Bruce and Mike have managed to take all the elements of your classic Golden Age adventures and turn them into a thrilling escape into another world—one full of danger, excitement, and long lost legends.

Look for The Lost City of Heracleon at your local comic shop, book store, or Amazon in June 2020.

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