Conan Meets Mad Max In New Sci-Fi Series Protector From Roy, Bensen, Trakhanov And Image

by Olly MacNamee

Science Fiction has never had it so good in the world of comics. There are so many great titles out there already and, coming this January from Image Comics, is another book to add to the swelling ranks. Protector by writer Simon Roy (Prophet) and Sideways Award-winning author Daniel M. Bensen (Junction) with artists Artyom Trakhanov (Turncoat), Jason Wordie (God Country), and Hassan Otsmane-elhaou (Red Sonja) is being positioned as a book that’s one part Conan the Barbarian, and part Mad Max, with a sprinkling of The Expanse too, here’s the skinny on this new series:

Protector is set in far-future North America. Of all the tribes that dwell in the hot ruins, the Hudsoni reign supreme, but even they fear and obey the godlike Devas. When the Devas warn of an old-world demon in the conquered city of Shikka-Go, Hudsoni war chief First Knife decides to deal with the threat personally.

Writer Simon Roy expanded on this whilst talking about working with Trakhanov and the rest of the collaborators on this new book:

I’ve always been a big fan of Artyom’s work, and when we started talking about some sort of collaboration, I immediately thought of the Far-Future Iron-age adventure Daniel and I had been workshopping years earlier. Once we actually started work on the project, choosing Jason—who I had met and collaborated with, back in art school, and who had already started working with Artyom on Turncoat—for colors was a perfect fit!

Get read for Protector #1 this January 29th from Image Comics

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