League of Legends Produces New Animated Music Video

by Tito W. James

League of Legends has produced a new animated music video from virtual hip-hop group True Damage. The band members are Akali (Soyeon), Ekko (Thutmose and Duckwrth), Senna (Keke Palmer), and Qiyana (Becky G).

True Damage appears to be banking off of the still hot success of last years K/DA virtual band. While I do love the animation and incorporation of Afrofuturism, the song “Giants” is a bit derivative. The rapping in the final third of the song sounded like it was ripping from “This is America” beat for beat.

However, this is still a monumental improvement over how hip-hop used to be incorporated in media to appeal to the “hip young crowd.” I hope that this level of musical artistry crosses over to League of Legends’ upcoming animated series.

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