Comedy And Action Coalesce In Going To The Chapel #3

by James Ferguson

The heist of the ages continues as the Bad Elvis Gang tries to get away with robbing a wedding. This has been a blessing in disguise as Emily (the bride) was having second thoughts about this whole marriage thing anyway. Also, one of the guys robbing the place is her ex-boyfriend. The cops have the building surrounded and there’s a bomb set to go off if anything fishy happens, so this is easily the most entertaining and terrifying wedding in history.

While Going to the Chapel is a tense read, it’s never far from humor. Writer David Pepose drops in jokes throughout the entire book. This constant comic relief doesn’t take away from the life-and-death stakes of the situation or Emily’s doubts. Instead, it allows you to have both a comedy and an action thriller in one.
This also makes the more dramatic moments stand out. When someone is shot, it silences the entire crowd. It’s such a shocking event that it ripples through everyone in attendance. This isn’t some dopey joke. Lives are on the line. Of course, moments later, they’re digging into the wedding gifts for weapons.

There’s a shift in tone when the shot rings out. Colorist Liz Kramer moves from the bright yellows of the beating sun to a darker, more somber vibe. Shadows loom around everyone. The only dialogue from this sequence is one quiet word. Letterer Ariana Maher has it speak volumes, summing up not just the pain at seeing a loved one shot, but everything else that’s going on in their head.
Artist Gavin Guidry showcases a range of emotion in Going to the Chapel #3. He says so much with a single facial expression, going from looks of concern and sadness to dumb happiness and annoyance. These add a lot to a scene, pushing a particular tone in a certain direction. When everyone gets locked in a room, Lucy looks at the best man in disgust with her eyes narrowed and her mouth turned down. You don’t need to know their history to know she hates this guy.

Guidry’s layouts and art direction are clean and concise. They’re set up in a cinematic fashion, guiding us along with quick cuts interspersed throughout. If this was a movie, your head might be spinning trying to keep up. Since this is a comic, you’re able to spend time with each panel and take it all in before moving on to the next. This issue has a fast pace to it, especially as it reaches its second half.

Any one of the elements at work in Going to the Chapel would have made for a great story. Having all of them work together has made a Voltron-like combination of comedy, drama, and action. Each aspect of this book works to amplify the others, raising the stakes. As with some of the best stories, I have no idea how the characters will get out of this and that fills me with excitement. I’m eager to see how everything comes together with the final issue.
Going to the Chapel #3 from Action Lab: Danger Zone is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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