DC February Solicitations: Top Picks For Your Consideration

by Olly MacNamee

Kicking off a new regular monthly column, as a long-time DC Comics fan, I always look forward to the publisher’s solicitations every month. But, while most other websites simply list all titles, I thought I’d do my civic duty and sift through the large list of comic books and offer up my top picks of titles. So, without further ado, let’s get stuck in shall we?

First up, there’s The Flash #750, which will be an oversized blow-out of an issue celebrating The Flash – from Silver Age to Modern Age – over the past eight dynamic decades.

Beginning: “The Flash Age”! The story we’ve been building toward since issue #50 comes to a head! While a supercharged Speed Force wreaks havoc on Barry Allen’s life, a new threat appears on the horizon in the form of the deadly Paradox. Destined to destroy the Flash’s legacy, Paradox sends his herald, Godspeed, to trap the Flash family! Plus, in this special anniversary issue: tales from across the generations of super-speedsters by an all-star lineup of writers and artists!

By Joshua Williamson, Marv Wolfman, Geoff Johns, Bryan Hitch, Francis Manapul, David Marquez, Riley Rossmo and feature covers by José Luis García-López, Jim LeeScott WilliamsGary Frank and more.

Of course, there’s also The Green Lantern Season 2 #1 which sees Hal Jordan return to Corps duty after the events of the Green Lanterns: Blackstars mini-series, that’s still being played out, given issue #2 of that series is not even out yet! But, whatever happens, it seems Hal is back on duty and ready to wield his ring for truth, justice and the Oan way.

The team of writer Grant Morrison and artist Liam Sharp continue their bold new take on the Emerald Warrior in a wild 30-page second season opener! In the wake of the Blackstar incursion, Hal Jordan and his fellow Lanterns must pick up the pieces from that cataclysmic conclusion. Among them is Jordan’s next critical mission: search for the next generation of cosmic immortals. Is the universe ready for…the Young Guardians?

By Grant Morrison, Liam Sharp, Tom Orzechowski and Steve Oliff.

Following on from DC Comics shock hit of the summer, DCeased, comes DCeased: Unkillables #1 (of 3) with more zombie mayhem as those left behind on a decaying earth try and beat the virus that has ranged humanity. Best of luck with that one.

The blockbuster DC series returns to answer this question: What did the villains do when the heroes failed and the world ended?
Spinning out of the dramatic events of 2019’s smash hit, writer Tom Taylor returns to this dark world with a street-level tale of death, heroism and redemption. Led by Red Hood and Deathstroke, DC’s hardest villains and antiheroes fight with no mercy to save the only commodity left on a dying planet of the undead—life!

Written by Tom Taylor with art by Karl Mostert and Trevor Scott.

February also see the penultimate issue of Batman: Curse of the White Knight, with issue #7. Another great take on this alternative -Earth Batman who gives it one last go to rallies Gotham City citizens against Azrael.

Bruce Wayne and Batman have come undone. Powerless after learning the truth behind his family’s name and legacy, Bruce prepares to shed all of his secrets and make one final appeal to the people of Gotham as Azrael takes control of the city.

Written and illustrated by Sean Murphy with Matt Hollingsworth on colors.

The original Kid Flash, Wally West, continues his path to redemption with the final issue of Flash Forward #6. I love me a good dimension jumping romp, and this has been just that, based on the two issues I’ve read so far.

The finale of Flash Forward is here, and Wally West must make the toughest choice of his life: save the day, or save his family. With the crack in the Dark Multiversal barrier reaching critical mass, Wally’s mettle will be tested in ways the young hero has never seen before…and this surprise ending will leave you speechless!

From Scott Lobdell, Brett Booth and Norm Rampmund.

Justice League #40 and #41 sees a new creative team take up the unenviable mantle from writers Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV and set the JL on a new course and heading for new dangers. I’m looking forward to what they bring to one of comicdom’s premier teams.
Details for Justice League #40

The next chapter for comics’ premier superteam begins! An unexpected arrival from the stars brings a dire warning to the Justice League: A new breed of conquerors is on the march. Led by Superman’s nemesis Eradicator, a genetically engineered, super-powered strike team has come to subjugate Earth. To aid the Justice League, Batman makes the unprecedented decision of enlisting an ancient, unrivaled power, which calls into question who, exactly, is in charge. With the League on unsure footing, will they be ready to save the world?

Details for Justice League #41

Invasion of the Supermen! Eradicator and his strike team sweep across Earth with devastating consequences. The Justice League finds itself battered and overwhelmed by an enemy more powerful than even Superman. Batman and Green Lantern plan a counter assault, but it can’t work without the Flash, whose connection to the Speed Force has become unpredictable—and possibly fatal. With the team at half-strength, will it be enough to hold their enemies at bay?

By Robert Venditti, Doug Mahnke and Jaime Mendoza.

Justice League Dark #20 sees new incoming writer, hot off the heels of his sumptuous These Savage Shores series from Vault Comics, Ram V, join the team and continue chronicling the darker adventures of the DCU.

The Floronic Man’s unintended rise to power has thrown The Parliaments of Life into chaos. Even though the villain lies deep in the cells of the Hall of Justice, life itself is being warped by his reach! With Swamp Thing gone, the Justice League Dark must join forces with some of the most powerful avatars, like Animal Man, to help set things right. But the magical team’s troubles are just beginning, as an old evil from a familiar swamp casts its shadow over them all, waiting for the perfect time to strike!

Written by Ram V, James Tynion IV with art by Kyle Hotz.

The final instalment of Superman Smashes The Klan #3 comes out in February too. A great reinterpretation of the old Superman radio series, “Clan of the Fiery Cross”, this is a story that never gets old so long as there’s still prejudice and racism in the world. The perfect antidote to Frank Miller and John Romita Jr’s Superman Year One too. More the Superman I know and love.

The Daily Planet is under attack! When the Klan invades the newspaper’s office, they kidnap Lois Lane, Perry White, and Inspector Henderson. The Klan’s attacks have separated our heroes, forcing Roberta and Jimmy Olsen to step up and help save the Daily Planet staff.
But the Klan has one more surprise to reveal. In order to save his friends and stop the Klan once and for all, Superman must face his own identity to unleash his full potential and ultimately accept who he really is.

By Gene Leun Yang and Gurihiru.

Another series coming to an end, is Wonder Twins, with issue #12. This has been a fun, yet satirical, book that did well to be extended to a 12 issue run. A run that sadly ends this month. Still, it was fun while it lasted, and it’s not like we’ve seen the last of Russell’s writing.

The world is saved again! But now Zan and Jayna must answer to the Justice League for the choices they made in order to save it. Meanwhile, the League of Annoyance is back in action, and Cell Phone Sylvia will do whatever it takes to get her revenge on the twins—but they might get a little help from an unexpected ally! The critically acclaimed series ends here—don’t miss it!

Written by Mark Russell with art by Stephen Byrne.

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