Alice Plans Her Tea Party On The Next Batwoman

by Erik Amaya

Batwoman is taking the next couple of Sunday’s off. But when it returns, Alice (Rachel Skarsten) appears poised to unleash her plan: a wonderfully mad tea party for all of Gotham City. And as this preview of the next episode reveals, she has a special seat reserved for Jacob Kane (Dougray Scott).

Meanwhile, we definitely hope this is the last of Kate (Ruby Rose) and Sophie (Meagan Tandy) carrying torches for each other. Like so many Arrowverse Season 1 love interests, Sophie just isn’t all that interesting. Also, they both seem to sense there is something unhealthy in their relationship. And when you consider Kate is Batwoman, it is incredibly cruel for her to expect Sophie to keep her secret — even if Sophie is willing to use Kate and Julia Pennyworth’s (Christina Wolfe) flimsy ruse to square things away with the Crows.
That said, it is good that Kate figured out Bruce’s solitary nature was, ultimately, detrimental. No one went looking for him because he pushed everyone away and on an Earth-1 where everyone gets a team, that leaves us to believe the Batman is a bad mental state. Luckily, Kate is willing to embrace the fact she needs people and we can’t wait to see what form Team Batwoman takes.
Batwoman returns December 1st on The CW.

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