Review: Ra’s Al Ghul Takes Over In Batman And The Outsiders #7

by Tony Thornley
Cover by Jonboy Meyers

Batman has been a bit busy of late, so it was only natural for some of his enemies to take advantage of that. And in Batman & the Outsiders #7 that spells doom for some of his allies.

Bryan Edward Hill, Cian Tormey, Adriano Lucas and Clayton Cowles take us into the fall of the Signal.

The League of Shadows has taken Duke Thomas and are trying to break him. Batman, Black Lightning, Kaliber and Katana can’t reach him in time. His only hope is Cassandra Cain, but can the Orphan overcome the League? And which Outsider is about to betray them all?

Hill steps back from his character centered drama and tells a cover to cover action story. The bulk of the story is split between Orphan’s desperate rescue mission and Black Lightning and Katana’s mid-air fight with Sofia and Kaliber. Every bit of it is thrilling and driven by the characters, not just events happening to them.

Tormey and Lucas do a great job filling in for the regular team of Soy and Gandini. Tormey’s line art is very cartoony, and he gives the action a very animated sense of motion. HIs characters are extremely expressive, which drives Hill’s character beats forward. Lucas’s color art is dark, but he uses splashes of colored light, especially green, through the issue to emphasize the important details.

The Outsiders have just started their second arc but they’ve already hit a low. I’m excited to see how they bounce back from it.

Batman & the Outsiders #7 is available now from DC Comics.

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