Unhealthy Obsessions: Preview Ghost-Spider #4 From McGuire, Miyazawa And Marvel

by Olly MacNamee

Cover art by Jorge Molina

While Marvel has always leaned more to the ‘alternative future’ storylines over the years and DC Comics were the parallel universe publisher. Now it seems times they are a changing. With the success of the whole Spider-Verse, whether in comics or on the silver screen, Marvel are making hay while the sun shines and Ghost-Spider is a great title in which to explore the sorts of stories.
Ghost-Spider #4 is out this Wednesday 27th November from writer Seanan McGuire and artist Takeshi Miyazawa and we have a preview of the issue to share with you all. Seems a certain Professor has a rather unhealthy obsession with our titular hero. Watch out, Gwen, he’s behind you!

Gwendoline Maxine Stacy has it all – she’s the drummer of a punk rock band, attending college in the Marvel Universe, and moonlights as a radioactive, web-slinging super hero! But familiar predators from Earth-65 and the Marvel Universe alike have been stalking this spider across campus, including Miles Warren, aka THE JACKAL! Known for his dangerous obsession with Gwen, Miles won’t stop until she’s his, and his alone…

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