Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning’s End: You Are Obsolete #3

by Brendan M. Allen
Investigative reporter Lyla Wilton discovers the awful truth as to why the children on the island she’s been assigned to write about have brought her there. Will she help them with their devious plot…and does she even have a choice?
Lyla is fed a lot more of the story of what’s really going on in You Are Obsolete #3. The kids started her off slowly, milk before meat, but we’re at a crossroads here. She’s either going to take the bait, accept what’s happening, and write the story these little monsters want her to tell, or she’ll be dealt with. Things are getting heavy, really quickly.
This is the most cluttered chapter so far. There is an awful lot going on here, and it isn’t so easy to keep it all straight. Mathew Klickstein started us off with a pretty decent slow burn with the previous two chapters, and then for some reason, blew the whole thing open with this third installment.
There’s an old rule in horror: never show the monster. The reason why legendary horror works so well is that there is a healthy respect for the ambiguity, the fear of the unknown. You generally want the audience to be constantly evaluating whether what they just saw even really just happened. 
In You Are Obsolete, we now how the kids rose to power, how they control the adults on the island, the exact device they’re using to kill… We’ve seen the monster. Unless there is an absolutely bananas pop right around the corner, I am baffled as to why.
Evgeniy Bornyakov and Lauren Affe continue to deliver on their end. Bornyakev’s linework is brilliant for this type of story. The emotions (and lack thereof) are displayed clearly through expression, posture, and ambulation. His layouts and perspectives crank up the tension with a very creepy, slightly off kilter quality. Lauren Affe’s palette is cold, sterile, menacing.
The first two chapters of You Are Obsolete were so good, I really hope I’m missing something here. The art is fantastic. The script has been a maddeningly slow and weird burn. This chapter just… missed. I don’t think the series is beyond redemption by any means, but this was not a satisfying installment for me.
You Are Obsolete #3, AfterShock Comics, 20 November 2019. Created and written by Mathew Klickstein, art by Evgeniy Bornyakov, color by Lauren Affe, letters by Simon Bowland, logo by Sal Cipriano, produced by Charles Pritchett, edited by Christina Harrington, cover by Andy Clarke with Jose Villrrubia.

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