Review: Loki #5 Reveals A Tale Of Team Ups Long Past

by Tony Thornley
Cover by Ozgur Yildirim

One of the most unexpectedly delightful pairings in recent Marvel history has been Wolverine and Loki. Their odd couple relationship has resulted in a handful of great stories, and in the final issue of Loki we get to see it play the series out.

Daniel Kibblesmith, Andy MacDonald, David Curiel and Clayton Cowles go out in style; a Wild West style!

In 1911 and the wilds of Montana, Loki hires a familiar tracker to help him locate a gang of bank robbers. However there’s much more to the story than it appears, as Loki tells an unknown party all about it. Is it really a tale of Loki’s past or have the events of this last story arc made things much more complicated than we expect?

It’s extremely disappointing that this is the final issue of what was intended to be a longer run. Kibblesmith built a foundation that this issue just begins to hint at how it changed the character. Using the team-up as a framing device gives us an entry to the high concepts he presents, and it adds a sense of fun, despite not fully living up to the promise of seeing these two back together. I really hope Kibblesmith gets another chance with the character in the near future.

MacDonald has built a reputation as a line artist who can depict both humor and action extremely well, and he adds another skill to his toolbox in this issue. He keeps the talking heads engaging, with several pages that show Loki like a caged cat in a superhuman prison. It adds tension and an eerie feeling to the entire issue, and an overall strong showing. Curiel’s colors deepen the art, bringing the story to life.

I’m really disappointed to see this series go. It’s been a delight since inception, with an elevated level of craft that goes from Kibblesmith’s inventive concepts to Cowles’ next level lettering. Hopefully we get to see this team get an extended go in the near future.

Loki #5 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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