Doom In Hell: Doctor Doom #3 Reviewed

by Josh Davison

Mild Spoilers Ahead
Doctor Doom has been slain, shot in the head by Taskmaster in a New York back alley. Now, Doom is in Hell, seeing more visions of a utopian future led by himself. Mephisto is all too happy to finally have the soul of Victor Von Doom. The demon offers Doom one chance at escape: Doom must convince Valeria, his love whom he sacrificed to gain greater sorcerous power, that Doom deserves to escape Hell. Meanwhile, Victorious is trying to keep Latveria under control. Symkaria is threatening to invade the country, and the UN is offering Latveria no support. Worse yet, an assassin arrives to try and claim Victorious’ life.

Doctor Doom #3 cover by ACO
Doctor Doom #3 cover by ACO

Victor is dead in Doctor Doom #3, and Mephisto is eager to begin Doom’s torment. However, even the concept of eternal damnation is of secondary concern to Doctor Doom. The prospect of him leading a utopian global society and bringing peace to the world he’s so often tormented continues to plague Victor’s mind.
Doom and Mephisto have a history of course. In addition to Valeria, Victor lost his mother’s soul to Mephisto as well. As such, Doom is still eager to assail Mephisto. 
Also, try to ignore the fact that Johnny Blaze is supposed to be the current King of Hell. In fairness, a confrontation between Doom and Blaze would be far less interesting.
There’s plenty of rage and sorrow in this issue, particularly in the scenes with Victor and Valeria. 
The big twist in this issue is genuinely shocking, and I won’t spoil it here. It does bring into question what exactly Doom’s future holds.
Doctor Doom #3 art by Salvador Larroca, Guru-eFX, and letterer VC's Cory Petit
Doctor Doom #3 art by Salvador Larroca, Guru-eFX, and letterer VC’s Cory Petit

Salvador Larroca continues to give Victor Von Doom the royal treatment he deserves. The detailing, shading, and texture work is impeccable. Doom’s Hell armor looks especially good, and Guru-eFX does not skimp on the color art. This book looks awesome.
Doctor Doom #3 is another dramatic issue for the King of Latveria. Eternal damnation seems to be in his near future, but we know Victor Von Doom is not one who gives up so easily, even against Mephisto himself. With a great story and phenomenal artwork, Doctor Doom #3 easily earns a recommendation. Feel free to give it a read.
Doctor Doom #3 comes to us from writer Christopher Cantwell, artist Salvador Larroca, color artist Guru-eFX, letterer VC’s Cory Petit, cover artist ACO, and variant cover artist Patch Zircher with Morry Hollowell.
Final Score: 8.5/10

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