John Allison And Max Sarin Re-Team For Wicked Things

by James Ferguson

I’m still getting over the end of Giant Days, one of my absolute favorite comics of all time. As I mired in sadness over never seeing another adventure from Susan, Esther, and Daisy, the clouds parted and Boom! Studios announced Wicked Things, a new six-issue mini-series from writer John Allison, artist Max Sarin, colorist Whitney Cogar, and letterer Jim Campbell. The Giant Days team has assembled again for a new comic and best of all, it follows Charlotte Grote from the same universe!

Nineteen year old Charlotte “Lottie” Grote has her whole life ahead of her; headed straight to university and a future as a real detective—until she’s framed for murder! Given the choice between going to jail basically forever or joining the police, Lottie decides to hit the beat, all while trying to find the real murderer. Lottie may have been running rings about the police since her 9th birthday, but she’s never been on this side of the security tape. Could the future of law enforcement be 5’2” with an extremely strong bangs game? Yes. Very yes.

Writer John Allison says:

Wicked Things is a tale I’ve been waiting years to tell—the story of what happens when a precocious teen detective ages out of their division overnight. Lottie Grote is the crown jewel of my little comics universe, and I don’t think she could be in safer artistic hands than Max Sarin, whose work gets better every month. I’m delighted the Giant Days team is back together so soon.

I love that Allison is building a universe of his comics. I haven’t read Bad Machinery yet, but I understand that’s in there too somehow.

Artist Max Sarin added:

From Slice of Life to Slice of Crime! Some Wicked Things are coming our way!

Wicked Things will be published under Boom! Studios’ Boom! Box imprint, which is where Giant Days lived. It’s alongside other comics like Lumberjanes, Heavy Vinyl, and Goldie Vance.

Shannon Watters, Senior Editor, Boom! Studios says:

Sarah Grote’s little sister Lottie is all grown up, and now she’s a crime fighting teen who’s admittedly still running blindly into situations and getting into trouble. We meet her now as John and Max throw her right from the frying pan into the fire and the trouble Lottie gets into comes with a capital ‘T’. If you’re a fan of Giant Days, murder, mystery, mayhem—or all of the above—do yourself a favor and dive right in!

Wicked Things #1 is set for release in March 2020.  It features a main cover by Sarin and a variant by Allison.

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