Inferno Gets Burned In Marvel Rising: Playing With Fire

by Gary Catig

The popular animated superhero series Marvel Rising returns this month with a new special entitled Marvel Rising: Playing With Fire. The latest installment focuses on Secret Warriors member Inferno, voiced by actor Tyler Posey. A brief synopsis can be found below:

The newest installment in the Marvel Rising specials, Marvel Rising: Playing With Fire, will star Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf) as Inferno. In this 44-minute special, Inferno’s powers are stolen by a young and powerful villain and it’s up to the Secret Warriors to defeat their new foe and help their friend. But does Inferno even want his powers back? Meanwhile, America Chavez, voiced by Cierra Ramirez (Good Trouble) leans a lesson about friendship and family from teammate Ms. Marvel.

Watch the premiere of Marvel Rising: Playing With Fire this December 18th on the Marvel HQ YouTube channel.

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