Batman AWOL: Preview Batman: Curse of the White Knight #5 By Sean Murphy

by Olly MacNamee

Sean Murphy’s alternative universe Batman comes one step closer to closing the case in this week’s Batman: Curse of the White Knight #5 from DC Black Label. Discovering a new and vital clue about the city’s curse, will Batman have enough time to save the city from the chaos that currently ensues? Going AWOL from Jim Gordon’s funeral isn’t good form, but it’s just another day in the life of the Bat., it would seem.
Here’s your preview of the issue, out Wednesday 11th December from DC Comics/DC Black Label.

The GTO struggles to forgive Batman for his behavior on the tails of tragedy, but a promising path forward comes into focus when he uncovers a monumental clue about the mystery of Gotham’s ancestral curse. It may prove too little too late, as Azrael breaks free of Ruth’s mandate and unleashes a radical new reign of terror over the city and its competing super-criminals.

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