Hasbro Release First ‘Baby Yoda’ Black Series Figure Available For Pre-Order

by Olly MacNamee

The moment ‘Baby Yoda’ was spotted in the first episode of The Mandalorian on Disney Plus and broke the internet, it was only matter of time before Hasbro and Disney cashed in. I’m just surprised its taken this long.
But, if you travel on over to hasbropulse.com now you can pre-order your very own ‘Baby Yoda’ Black Series figure now. Thankfully the canny people at Hasbro are more than aware of the demand for anything ‘Baby Yoda’ related and so they’re limited orders to only two per household. Meaning, hopefully, anyone who wants one can get one.

Standing a 1.2″ in height, this figure come with 3 accessories that you can see from the accompanying images to this announcement.
Officially known as The Child, expect your figure to ship – surprise, surprise – on May 4th 2020. Nice touch, even if it’s a long wait for us fans. Well, fans in the USA. Seems it’s not yet available online here in the UK, but I imagine they’ll be popping up on shops round about then too. And, with a Disney Store here in Birmingham, I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled as though I were a bounty hunter chasing down the real deal across a galaxy far, far away.

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