Art For Art’s Sake # 30 – How Great Thou Art

by Richard Bruton

Another week – hope it was good for you? But whatever your mood, pour yourself a cup/glass of whatever you fancy and settle down for a few minutes. Because it’s time once more for Comicon’s Art For Art’s Sake… all the best comic art to pass in front of my eyes this week…
Tula Lotay does Delirium… beautiful

Jiro Taniguchi… simply beautiful

Thimble TheatreDavid Lapham

Unmistakably Simon BisleyHellblazer #295

Love DiariesCharles Burns

Hela – Stephanie Hans

Alan Davis – Captain Britain…

Seth – from the magnificent It’s A Good Life If You Don’t Weaken

Torpedo – Jordi Bernet

Joe Kubert

Those beautiful lines, that oh so smooth and almost effortless style, it has to be Jose Garcia-Lopez

Teddy Christianson – Deadman

Gerry Taloc – The Phantom Stranger

Jamie Hewlett – Gorillaz

Steve Bissette – Leatherhead

Dave McKean from Hellblazer

And we’ll end this Art For Art’s Sake with something from one of comics greatest – Bryan Talbot


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