Kirkman And Silvestri Announce New Series ‘Stealth’: A Superhero Battling Criminals And Alzheimer’s

by Olly MacNamee

Robert Kirkman and Marc Silvestri are about to deliver a new comic book series to comic book stores and fans this coming spring with the announcement of his new 6 issue action series, Stealth. Or rather, writer Mike Costa, and Nate Bellegarde will be. You see, Stealth comes from ‘the minds of’ Kirkman and Silvestri who will be overseeing its development at Universal Pictures and Skybound entertainment, with Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby on script for the forthcoming adaptation.
But, you don’t want to know about all of this production talk on a film that Ould take yaesr to see the light of day. What about the comic itself? Well, here’s a first look at this new book, that deal with Alzheimer’s within a superhero context, out Wednesday, March 11.

For decades, Stealth has waged war on crime in Detroit, but now he’s taken his pursuit of justice too far. Only reporter Tony Barber knows that behind Stealth’s reckless behavior is an older man battling Alzheimer’s—his father. A father unwilling to accept that he’s no longer the hero this city needs…with enemies all too eager to force his retirement.


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