Scrapper Or Eternal Soldier? Death-Defying ‘Devil #4 Reviewed

by Josh Davison

Mild Spoilers Ahead
The Death-Defying Devil shares a meal with Roberto and Yolanda in 2B. They plead with the Devil to stay forever to protect the Winslow House. The Devil says that he can’t; he’s only here until Donovan is taken care of. As if on cue, Donovan’s men show up to Winslow, threatening to burn it down if they’re not invited in. The Devil taunts them then goes up to the attic to learn the truth about the little girl, Mika. He finds a toy barbarian Mika had and the Devil is taken to yet another time and place where he experiences new memories. 

Death-Defying 'Devil #4 cover by InHyuk Lee
Death-Defying ‘Devil #4 cover by InHyuk Lee

Death-Defying ‘Devil #4 brings Bart Hill to the truth of what happened at the Winslow House. He learns the story of Mika, her mother, and the tragedy that took place.
He also gets a glimpse of why he keeps having these new memories set in other times and places. Bart learns that he may not quite be human; he may be the Eternal Soldier.
What started off as a fun street-level superhero tale with Death-Defying ‘Devil #1 has taken some mystical turns which may have given Bart Hill a destiny he never knew he had. It’s taken some of the street-level fun and grit out of it, but it does open up new potential directions for the character of Bart Hill.
Donovan and his cronies aren’t quite human either. Their fascination with the ‘Devil and the Winslow House is supernatural and a bit strange, but it does leave Bart with a tense ultimatum at the end of this issue.
Walter Geovani’s artwork continues to shine and helps ground the book. The style brings a bit of grit and a lot of solid detailing. The action scenes we get are brutal and gripping. Adriano Augusto’s color art is lively and grabbing. The book looks damn good through and through.
Death-Defying ‘Devil #4 brings us some revelations as to what is going on with the Devil and the Winslow House. It’s a strange issue that adds a lot of supernatural layers to the story of the Devil, but it is an enjoyable enough read. I can’t strongly recommend it, but it’s worth picking up if you’ve enjoyed this series so far. 
Death-Defying ‘Devil #4 comes to us from writer Gail Simone, artist Walter Geovani, color artist Adriano Augusto, letterer Simon Bowland, cover artist Inhyuk Lee, and variant cover artists Lucio Parrillo; and Riccardo Federici.
Final Score: 6/10

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