Art For Art’s Sake # 31 – Welcome To The Wonders Of Comic Art…

by Richard Bruton

So much artwork from so many incredible comic artists all over the Internet, but so hard to keep track of things. What you need is a weekly curated round-up of what’s going on, don’t you?
Coincidentally, here’s the latest Art For Art’s Sake, the Comicon weekly curated round-up of all the best comic art…
Nicola Scott with a history of Nightwing… Making a lot of people very happy. (Now, all she needs to do is the companion piece from the back!)

PG Draws… Jughead

Betty and Veronica #207, March 1973, art by Dan DeCarlo – a master… (Via Dirty River)

Michael Lark commission for Neural Handshake – ‘And here’s my commission of Renee Montoya and Daria Hernandez, for the other two people on tumblr who can’t get over these two and the relationship they had.’

Al Williamson – Star Wars (Via Spaceship Rocket)

Mitch Gerads variant cover for The Flash #68

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel by Elsa Charretier (Via Browse The Stacks)

And another by Charretier – Sunset Boulevard (Again via Browse The Stacks)

Batman: B&W – story by Paul Grist, art from Darwyn Cooke

But damn, seeing Paul Grist’s name makes me wonder how great it would have been to see Grist do the art as well… this from his incredibly good noir crime series Kane

Pascal Campion – Batman Day…

Batman Family by Kevin Wada

Phantomias (The Duck Avenger) by Fabio Celoni

Jordi BernetThe Complete Torpedo Vol.1 cover…

Batman Universe #6 – Nick Derrington

And finally, Art Vault put up a load of these gorgeous ‘Teen Titans at rest’ pics by Gabriel Picolo

Plenty more of this sort of glorious stuff at his site…

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