GungHo Brings Puzzle & Dragons GOLD To America

by Sage Ashford

GungHo Entertainment has released an English trailer for their upcoming title, Puzzle & Dragons GOLD. The title brings 3D versions of everyone’s favorite Leader Monsters, something which hasn’t been done until this edition of the game. At the same time, you can play as either Taiga or Ryuji from the popular Puzzle & Dragons anime series in an original story set in that universe. Also, players will be able to challenge in either P&D‘s Champion Cup or face off against anime characters from the series.
It’ll also be possible to battle against either the AI or against other players in PvP mode. Meanwhile, new players can engage in the Puzzle & Dragons Academy, where they can learn the different techniques of the game. Also, items earned from battles and story mode will allow players to unlock all new monsters they can use later on.
Puzzle & Dragons GOLD will be available for the Nintendo Switch eShop this January 15th.

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