Major Bludd Gets His Close Up: Preview G.I. Joe #4 From Allor, Walters And IDW

by Olly MacNamee

I must admit, I was sold on the TIME magazine spoof cover fro G.I. Joe #4, out this week from IDW, but I’ve stuck around for this rather radical and engaging re-imagining of the G.I. Joe universe. A re-imagining that has seen Cobra successful in it’s total domination of America. No longer the land of the free, but a despotic Hell, we only have the underground G.I. Joe forces to count on.
Written by Paul Allor with art by Niko Walter, colors by Brittany Peer and letters by Neil Uyetake, G.I. Joe #4 is out Wednesday 1st January and here’s your preview of the issue, with a flashback from five years previously and the beginning of the end, for Major Bludd:

Journey into the heart of Cobra as Major Bludd searches for the hidden truth behind Cobra high command! What will Cobra’s new vision of America mean for G.I. Joe?

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