Dennis Haysbert To Play God In Lucifer’s Final Season

by Erik Amaya

In what seems like one of the most “duh” casting decisions ever, Dennis Haysbert is finally playing the Lord Almighty.
As EW reports, Haybert will play God in Lucifer‘s fifth and final season. The character was previously voiced by Sandman writer Neil Gaiman, but as God became important to the season five plot, actor D.B. Woodside (who plays the angel Amenadiel) suggested Haysbert as the two played family before on 24. “I don’t know how I went from brothers to father,” joked Haysbert “We’re celestial. We can do that.”
Based on Gaiman’s concept of Lucifer from The Sandman — and later expanded upon in the pages of Lucifer by Mike Carey and (for the most part) Peter Gross and Ryan Kelly — the series sees the Prince of Darkness abandoning his throne in Hell and managing a nightclub in Los Angeles. He also assists the LAPD as an investigator and deals with the constant intrusion of his noisey relatives. The new season sees Lucifer (Tom Ellis) returning to Hell, but Amenadiel soon chases after him on a matter of grave importance.
Lucifer returns for a final bow later this year.

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