‘Conan’ Meets ‘Tom & Jerry’ – Preview Solo: The Survivors Of Chaos By Oscar Martin

by Olly MacNamee

We brought you a review of Oscar Martin’s Solo: The Survivors Of Chaos from Titan Comics just the other day, and now we’ve got a preview of this collection to share with you.
Out next Wednesday 24th January, it’s a good enough tale of a post-apocalyptic rat-mutant Conan mixed with a classic American animation style, with the energetic, animated art winning you over immediately. As you can see for yourself from this selection of pages below.

In the future, the Earth, ravaged by nuclear wars, gave birth to an array of new mutated species, which grew and repopulated the land. But this new world is far from peaceful, and life in it is often short and brutal.
To make life easier for his poor family, Solo, a young rat, decides to strike out on his own. But he soon finds that in this hostile world only the strongest and the most ruthless survive …


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