Your First Look At Amethyst #1 From Amy Reeder And DC Comics

by Olly MacNamee

DC Comics have given fans a glimpse at the upcoming Amethyst 6 issue mini-series by writer and illustrator Amy Reeder. Reeder will be ‘breathing vibrant new life into the classic DC character’ who we saw make her debut in DC’s Rebirth continuity via Young Justice last year. Looking at the preview there’s even a nod to the past by Reeder ad the original Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld 12 issue maxi-series by creators Dan Mishkin and Gary Cohn and artist Ernie Colón which seems to be intact in this new reiteration’s timeline.
Set to hit stores in February, hers; your first look at Amethyst #1 with the added bonus of all 6 covers for the series too.

And now for this covers:

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