Your First Look At Batman #87 By Tynion IV, March And Morey

by Olly MacNamee

New Batman writer James Tynion IV, has only just released his debut issue this week and already he and DC Comics are offering us a look at the next issue, and part two of “Their Dark Designs”. Batman #87 will be out on January 22nd with art by the brilliant Guillem March and colors by Tomeu Morey and I couldn’t think of a better guest artist than March.  It’s always a treat when he comes back to the Bat. I’d love to see him on a more regular basis. Maybe one day.

The Riddler has been lying low since his humiliating defeat as part of Bane’s army—but as costumed assassins start to make their way into Gotham City, Edward Nygma may have the answers he’s been looking for. Or at least, the answer to why Deathstroke is trying to kill him!


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